We want to bring a story to your table. Fresh is the new way!

Our promise

Fresh cakes are our promise to you. Baked the day before or on the day, our products are not made to last long. Taste is what matters the most to us. But if taste can come with beauty, well we take it!

Premium ingredients

All our cakes and tarts are made fresh. We make sure to select quality raw materials for all of our production.

We are proud to use high end products and our crispy base is handmade by us. This brings freshness to the finish product and a perfect feeling of happiness. When the dough comes out of the oven, a good smell of butter invades the kitchen: that is a great sign of freshness.

A story

” Welcome to my world of delicacies where all the sweet tooths are invited: the French patisseries! 
After a few years of working in marketing & communication in Europe and Australia, I have realized that my true passion is for baking and bringing joy into someone’s day. After getting my French pastry chef certification, I have decided to take the leap and jump into it fully.
Self-taught and passionate, I like to say that those who have supported me for several years, have helped me to reveal myself. ”

Pauline, Founder & Pastry Chef